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28 August 2009

The low carbon house being built at South Lanarkshire College in Glasgow.

PTS is helping to teach future generations of installers about energy efficiency by sponsoring the Low Carbon Initiative at South Lanarkshire College in Glasgow.

The College offers renewable energy related courses and has recently started construction on its own low carbon house. The building will show apprentices the number of energy efficient options available and illustrate how a Code Level 5 rating can be achieved.

Ian Stares, PTS Product Group Manager - Renewable and Sustainable Products, said: "It's vital that we support both apprentices and the continued growth of the renewable energy market as they are the future of our industry - our partnership with South Lanarkshire College is an example of how we are delivering this.

"Once completed, the low carbon house will have solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, state-of-the-art insulation and triple glazing, allowing it to reach a Code Level 5 rating. This is a vital model of best practice for the apprentices to learn from."