PTS Plumbing

Hot Water Generators


PTS offers a very wide range from the UK's leading suppliers of hot water generators which cover almost any situation.

Open Vented Cylinders
These are traditional copper insulated cylinders which are generally connected to a central heating system, but can be electrically heated using an immersion heater. Cold water is stored in a cistern normally situated in the loft over the cylinder. Water is fed into the cylinder from the header tank using gravity. This system is low maintenance and relatively easy to install and requires an airing cupboard to site the cylinder.

Unvented Cylinders
These modern units are generally fed from the central heating system, but can also be electrically heated. They are fed directly off the mains water supply and the unvented system provides an efficient pressurised hot water service. This system removes the need for a cold water storage tank, secondary cold feed and vent. It also reduces the risk of frozen loft pipes and releases space in the attic.

Instantaneous Water Heaters
These are small electric heated under or over sink units which provide instantaneous hot water a single or multiple basins without having long hot water distribution pipes. Mainly used in commercial applications.

Instantaneous Boiling Water Heaters
They are a simple and easy way to provide instant boiling water where it's needed. They come in a range of sizes and can fill a cup or flask quickly and efficiently. Mainly used in commercial applications.

Immersion Heaters
An electrical heating element for heating stored hot water requirements.

Electric Hand Wash Units
Situated over a sink or basin, these units provide instantaneous hot water for washing requirements.