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Underfloor Heating

Here at PTS we are proud to offer underfloor heating. The primary aim of the floor heating system is to create an even, uniform surface temperature across the entire floor area within the building in order to ensure a consistent comfort level throughout the structure. Underfloor Heating is a true radiant system and heats from floor to ceiling. Underfloor Heating avoids wasted heat at high level and since the whole floor is heated evenly, optimum comfort is achieved everywhere in the room.

Download the Underfloor Heating section of the Renewables Brochure HERE

Running the system at a lower temperature and reducing the heat wasted at levels above head height makes for significant savings on fuel costs. The exact savings that can be expected are difficult to determine, as there are operational factors that also need to be considered. In order to meet the requirements of BS EN 1264, water temperature control must be provided; this ensures that maximum floor surface temperatures are not exceeded.

Floor construction is another key factor in the Underfloor Heating design. Screed floors, suspended wooden floors and floating floors all require individual consideration to ensure optimum performance and an even distribution of heat across the surface of the floor. If you need assistance with designing your Underfloor Heating, please contact our technical design team who can offer you support and advice.