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Solar Thermal

Here at PTS we understand the importance of harnessing solar energy. Solar thermal is very effective for producing the hot water requirements of the average family home. All that is required is a south to south west facing orientation in which Solar collectors face and these will absorb the sun's rays to produce plenty of hot water. These systems can provide up to 65% of a family's annual hot water requirements.

Download the Solar Thermal section of the Renewables Brochure HERE

PTS offers two types of Solar collectors:

Flat Panels- these tend to be slightly more robust than the evacuated tube type. Some perceive these to be more aesthetically pleasing than the alternative evacuated tube product.

Evacuated Tubes- These are generally thought to be more efficient than the equivalent physical sized flat panel. As such, they weigh less and can easily be installed, with some manufacturing units being able to be constructed in situ on the roof.