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Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) use the power of the sun. Modules are mounted to the roof in a southerly direction, without any shading and are connected to the property's consumer unit or distribution board in order to generate the electricity. A Solar PV system converts light directly into electricity on a roof, with no waste or emissions. This electricity can then be used throughout the home in the same way as the electricity you currently buy through your energy supplier.

Download the Solar PV section of the Renewables Brochure HERE

Solar PV applications are now eligible for the Government Feed in Tariff’s (FiT) which enables the homeowner or landlords to receive regular payments from the electricity produced and also results in a reduction in electricity bought from the grid. When FiT’s were introduced in 2010, homeowners were able to get money by generating their own electricity through a Solar PV system.

PTS provide a full in-roof or on-roof Solar PV package including panels, roof mountings, inverter, AC and DC Isolators, generation meter and connections etc. In addition we can also supply modules and inverters from leading suppliers.