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Solar Cylinders

Solar cylinders are used to store hot water heated by solar panels. They come in a variety of different types, similar to conventional cylinders.

Download the Solar Cylinder section of the Renewables Brochure HERE

Vented cylinders are fed by gravity from an expansion tank usually situated in the roof space. If the hot water is feeding a shower, however, it may be necessary to install another pump to produce the extra flow that a shower needs.

Unvented solar cylinders are dependent upon the cold water mains pressure and will deliver hot water to the appliances at the same pressure. The main difference between conventional and solar cylinders is the heat source. Until recently, domestic hot water was produced by gas, electric, oil or wood burning systems but solar cylinders rely on the sun and daylight to heat water. Solar cylinders are used with flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes to capture the sun’s energy to heat your hot water.

In addition cylinders can be used for heat pumps. The heat pump provides the heat source such as solar panels and can be used for space heating and hot water.