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Rainwater Harvesting

PTS recognises the benefits of rainwater harvesting. It helps to reduce dependency on mains water and alleviates the issue of surface water run off.

Download the Rainwater Harvesting section of the Renewables Brochure HERE

Rainwater Harvesting is the collection of water that would otherwise have gone down the drain, into the ground or been lost through evaporation. Large surfaces such as roofs or driveways are ideal for rainwater harvesting and can provide up to 100m3 (100,000 litres) of water per year from a medium sized area. This water can be used to flush toilets, water gardens and even feed the washing machine.

Rainwater harvesting Systems can be installed in both new and existing buildings, and the harvested water used for purposes that do not require drinking water quality. Harvesting rainwater in this way has the potential to save a large volume of mains water and therefore help reduce the pressure on water resources.