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Government Incentives

PTS Renewable products offer many benefits, for example; backing by Government Incentives.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) The RHI is a payment for generating heat from a renewable source. The RHI offers a payback tariff for four types of renewable technology dependent on whether they are a commercial or domestic install. The tariffs differ depending on whether the technology is installed for domestic or commercial use. Domestic tariffs are earned for seven years and commercial tariffs are paid over twenty years. RHI can only be applied for if a Green Deal Assessment has been carried out first.

RHI Tariffs

  • Domestic Install
  • Biomass - 12.2p/kWhr
  • ASHP - 7.3p/kWhr GSHP - 18.8p/kWhr
  • Solar Thermal - 19.2p/kWHR

Commercial Install

  • Biomass up to 1000kw + 8.6-2p/kwhr
  • GSHP - 8.7p/kwhr
  • ASHP - 2.5p/KWhr
  • Solar Thermal (up to 200kw) 10.0p/kwr

Green Deal

The Green Deal is a flexible framework that enables private businesses to offer consumers the opportunity to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes and businesses without up front costs.

Following a Green Deal Assessment on a household, taken out by an accredited assessor, a report is generated with suggestions as to how to make the household more energy efficient; these improvements can then be installed at no upfront cost to the consumer. Upon completion of the install, the consumer’s energy suppliers are notified of the changes. Bills then remain at the higher rate even though the actual bill amount is now less, due to the household being more energy efficient, and it is that difference in cost that pays for the renewable energy install over a period of time.

Feed In Tariffs Scheme (FITS)

The FITS was introduced in 2010 under the Energy Act 2008. It takes the form of a payment made to households or businesses generating their own electricity through the use of methods that do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources, such as Solar PV. Most of the electricity generated will be used by the property, however, any electricity not used can be exported back to the National Grid.